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Get your customers to benefit from your brand of meals with Careot – A Popular Meal and Nutrition Tracking App

Healthy eating habits are now promulgated by lifestyle nutritionists to create awareness. Each person’s eating habit and body type is different and one cannot follow a diet plan designed for someone else. Cafeterias for various establishments like hospitals and spas are focusing on serving meals with health benefits. Trending now is the use of online support to monitor calories. This is useful for the health sector where a personalized meal plan and related information is available by just clicking on the name of the company or food brands supported by a nutrition tracker. In the hospitality sector a guest would feel special if care is taken for their needs that includes a customized diet.  It would take the efforts of a sous chef to another level if a planned meal and related information is provided at the click of a button! The cafeteria chef of a school too can introduce the special meal plan to cater to needs of children with health issues like Type 1 Diabetes. Parents too can be assured that a particular educational institution is taking special interest.

Studies have proved that using technologies, such as android and iPhone apps for monitoring calories and to get information on nutrients is highly effective for maintaining a healthy life. Give Your Customers Careot – A Nutrition Phone App to realize benefits of your brand of meal plans. Careot App offers features to choose for promoting your particular brand of foods for healthy eating.

Careot App offers affordable service for customizing your brand to reach out to a vast clientele interested in healthy eating. Soon this easy to use calorie app will be integrated with iPhone HealthKit (iOS 8+ version).

Careot App offers to -

  • Promote your brand of food items and nutrition plans with Careot – A Mobile Phone App downloaded by many satisfied customers worldwide (
  • Easily select your brand of meals and maintain a food journal
  • Simply take a photo of the meal to start tracking food items, calories and nutrition values.
  • Reuse Meal Option and GPS function saves time by tracking previously eaten meals at a particular location while on the go.
  • Graphical dashboard summarizes and tracks nutrition data.
  • Enter Bloodwork, track progress made towards achieving calorie, nutrition and weight goals.

Caret App is proving to be popular as is seen in FB and Twitter. Download Careot Now!