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Count your calories and balance your nutrition…

Careot is a free food tracker iPhone app which helps the user to maintain a record of the food consumed and also helps in getting the correct amount of calories consumed by choosing the food item from the vast database provided with the app, adding the features of a calorie counter iPhone app to this amazing application and making it one of the best food tracking apps for iPhone.

Careot allows users to track the nutrition intake as well and contains a list of 46 vital nutrients to choose from. At any instance the user can monitor a maximum of 6 nutrients and the list can be modified as need be. The app comes with a vast database of food items along with their respective calorific values to ease the process of updating the intake of calories. So now every time you eat all you have to do is tap your IPhone screen a few times and the calorie count is updated in your Online calorie counter iPhone app. Careot has been developed keeping in mind the user’s predicament while choosing the right app to help monitor the diet which he/she is consuming and provides a user with an amazingly simple interface to use. Careot is not just a free food tracking app, it is one of the best food tracking apps for iPhone.

Why Careot?

The key to success to any fitness routine lies in two things regularity and diet. Devising a diet plan that suits the individual and also keeps the calorie intake under a certain level without compromising on the nutrient intake is a daunting task. To accomplish this task the most popular method is to maintain a food diary, but maintaining a diary and carrying it everywhere you go is somewhat of an issue. This task has become much easier with an iPhone in your pocket and the best food diary app for iPhone installed on it. Careot is truly the app that cares, it not only allows you to have your share of fun but also makes tracking your calorie intake under tha radar all the time.

The amazing world of Careot…

One of the USPs of this app has been the simple yet effective user interface which includes a dashboard that provides the user with a graphical representation of the data entered by the user which not only makes the process more informative but also adds a dash of creativity to it. The app also allows multiple users to add data to their respective profiles and then compiles the data to help monitor the growth and calorie intake of the respective group. The users allowed is a maximum of 6 and makes it easier to handle a large amount of data added by multiple users.

There’s something for everyone…

This free food tracker iPhone app houses a wide variety of features apart from the general features of a Online calorie counter. The user can also input the results of a blood work report into the app and the app would store it for any future reference. Not just this the app is a perfect friend of the people who are always on the go and live a fast paced life. The app allows the user to click a picture of the meal that he/she is having and store it in the database. Later the user can update the information about the meal in the app and get the accurate calorie count for the day.

Although a large number of applications are available on the store but the features of Careot make it the best food diary app for iPhone.