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Careot paves the way for your weight loss

The road to weight loss starts with realization, the ultimate goal is fitness. To attain that goal an individual crosses many milestones that may differ, depending on the journey one chooses to undertake. However, one thing remains an integral part of each journey, a diet plan.

Every diet plan takes a lot of effort and counting calories is one task that every individual hates, but not anymore. Careot is here and it is fully loaded with features that would not only pave the way for your weight loss but would also be your constant companion until the end. Careot is the best weight loss app as it houses all the elements that not only help you monitor your calorie intake but also balances your nutrition intake.

It is simple

Just enter your current weight and set a goal with the desired weight and you are ready to go. Choose from the available list of 46 nutrients and monitor the intake of the chosen six. The list is easily alterable in accordance with the user’s need. The app comes with a database of over 7000 food items with all the nutritional facts accurate to the very decimal. This facilitates the process of counting calories, tracking nutrients as the user can simply select the item, and all the relevant details get included into the food journal.

Careot allows the user to set both weight and nutrition goals. This not only helps the user to lose weight but to lose weight in a healthy manner. Keeping nutrition as a priority the app provides the user with an amazing graphical dashboard that displays both the calories consumed in comparison to the set goal as well as the nutrients consumed. The graphical representation allows the user to understand the process better and keep track of the goals set.

Weight loss is not just about cutting down on calories and losing fat. The correct way to lose weight is to strike balance between the intake of calories and nutritional value of the calories consumed. Careot does exactly this and this is what makes it the best weight loss app available for your iPhone.

Create custom meals

Careot also houses the feature to create custom meals, serving sizes and meal items to save you from the hassle of entering all the data repeatedly. The user can simply add a custom meal and every time he/she consumes the same, the details get included when the user selects the custom meal.

The app also allows the user to click the picture of the meal and save it in the database to facilitate the addition of the meal’s details later. This feature makes it the perfect app for users on the go and allows the users to keep track of all the meals that they have consumed over the span of the day.

Add your friends and family to the process…

Careot allows you to invite your friends and family members to join the app. The app integrates their careot with yours and thus helps all of you to motivate as well as monitor each other’s progress. This not only helps in modifying the diet plan of the group but also makes it the only free weight loss app with social media support and integration available.

The app allows the users to collaborate using social media and makes it easy for them to keep track of each other’s food journals. This feature makes this stand out as one of the few free weight loss app with social media. Make the most of these amazing features and download careot now.