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How it works

A. Careot Description

Nutrition Database

. The user takes a photo of a meal or snack and selects food eaten from the nutrition database and saves it in the journal. Photos can be saved and food data entered when it is convenient. Food and nutrition data is from USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference (NND) that is based on extensive research and is updated periodically. This data contains the nutrient composition of foods that are raw, processed or prepared. Nutrients and nutrition information include cholesterol, calories, many vitamins and minerals. USDA NND contains over 7,000 food items from general foods, brand name grocery store goods, to menu items from popular chain restaurants.

Enter Food

. As a meal is entered into the journal the meal can be saved with a name so that it can be retrieved and used again at a later date. Enter the meal name for the first food item in the meal and everything else in that meal will be included. Meal is saved with GPS location coordinates that can be used to filter searches for the same meal at a later time. GPS accuracy is not perfect with older phones. Food item search results show exact match first, then matches to any of the words entered in alphabetical order. Also matches on partial words so searching for cola will return chocolate.

Nutrient Targets

. Weight and nutrient targets are set so the user can see their progress in achieving those targets. The user enters their weight and desired nutrient targets in the setup and these are used in charting the progress. Graphical displays make it easy to see progress or risk areas in diet. There are references included on the screen to help in determining healthy targets. Target for weight and nutrients must be set for the charts to work. Also enter blood work data from your doctor.

Linking To Friends

. Linking to friends or family food journals' makes it fun to compare progress and easy to see where improvements in diet can be made by being familiar with the other user's diet. You can search for friends and family that have downloaded the app and invite them to join you in tracking nutrition.

Blood Work

. Blood work from a doctor can be entered.